Drone Services

Our Drone Services 


High resolution photography for surveyors, facility managers and property owners, including roof, wind turbine and chimney inspections.

Mapping and surveys

High quality 2D aerial maps, 3D models, and 360 aerial panoramas for surveyors, property developers and construction companies.


Fast and accurate data and photographic information for the construction industry including progress reports and stockpile calculations.

About DB Drone Services

We work with everyone from construction companies, property consultants and surveyors to developers and wind turbine owners, throughout the UK.

We’re approved by the CAA in the UK to fly drones (unmanned aerial vehicle/UAVs), including night flights, and all our pilots are experienced and professional.

We are also fully insured in regard to public and professional liabilities including:

  • Accidental harm to property caused by our drone
  • Accidental harm to people outside our team
  • Noise complaints
  • Invasion of privacy

DB Drone Services is headed up by David Ballantyne, who previously worked in outside broadcasting for BBC, Sky and ITV, on a range of sports and entertainment shows.

Our equipment

We use the DJI Inspire 2, one of the leading drones on the market. It’s packed with numerous cutting-edge technologies including a dual battery set up, which prolongs flight time, the ability to go from 0–50 mph in just 5 seconds, a self-heating feature so it can fly in low temperatures and an obstacle avoidance system.

We use the Zenmuse X5S camera, which gives Hollywood-grade video, and supports up to eight professional lenses. It means they can be swapped out depending on the project, and this gives us more control over the final shot.

And we use the CrystalSky monitor which features an ultra-bright screen that’s clearly visible in sunlight, and works seamlessly with the DJI app, giving our drone pilots total control over each project.

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