Drone Inspections

The quickest and safest way to access hazardous or difficult to reach areas

Regular maintenance inspections are all part of the job, whether that’s a roof inspection, chimneyinspection or wind turbine inspection.

But the old traditional inspection methods using ladders, scaffolding, access towers and heavy equipment are no longer necessary. Because these days, thanks to the use of drones, inspections of all types are much faster, more accurate and less costly. And when you don’t have to ‘work at height’ anymore, it means inspections are much safer too.

Our drone services

At DB Drone Services, we carry out drone inspections for surveyors, facility managers and property owners, using our state-of-the-art drone technology.

Our drone camera takes high resolution photographs and 4K videos. And because we’re able to fly so close to roofs, wind turbines and chimneys, and access those hard to reach and hazardous areas, we’re able to take images of the repairs needed in high definition. This is simply not possible with other inspection methods.

The subsequent images and footage are a permanent record and can be safely stored and shared too.  And because drone inspections are less costly, it means they can be.

What you can expect from DB Drone Services:

  • A fast, efficient and cost-effective service
  • High-resolution photography
  • 4K video
  • A report with observed defects

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