Drone Surveying

High quality mapping and aerial surveys with UAVs

Using drones for land and building surveys has been an absolute game changer for the planning and construction industries. Thanks to the use of UAVs, it’s now easier than ever to survey large scale agricultural areas, reach hard to locate or hazardous areas, and provide accurate data for planning applications.

Our drone services

At DB Drone Services, we use the latest drone technology to provide drone surveying and mapping services for surveyors, property developers and construction companies.

Some of the drone surveys we carry out include topographical surveys, modelling for planning applications and ‘rights of light’, condition surveys, site visualisations and line of sight surveys.

By using a drone, we can provide high-resolution imagery and accurate data that’s not available using traditional mapping and surveying techniques.

Our specialist drone software means we can create 2D aerial maps and 3D models, as well as 360 aerial panoramas, which show the topography of your site and the surrounding areas.

What you can expect from DB Drone Services:

  • A fast, efficient and cost-effective service

  • High-resolution photography

  • 2D aerial maps

  • 360-degree panoramas

  • 3D models

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