Drone Construction Reporting

Usng UAVs to provide invaluable data to the building industry

We’re seeing drones being used in the construction industry more than ever, as they provide an inexpensive opportunity to gather accurate data and evidence.

From construction site progress monitoring to stockpile mapping, drones are a valuable tool. And that is especially true for measuring stockpile volumes.

Our drone services

Using ground-based survey methods to map and measure stockpiles is time consuming, costly and inaccurate. Plus any surveyor carrying out this task is subjected to hazardous conditions.

At DB Drone Service, we use the latest drone technology to take high definition footage and to create 3D surface models that accurately calculate stockpile volumes. And it’s safer and faster than ever before.

Plus, we use drones to photograph and monitor sites. This also acts as a permanent record of how works have progressed, or how site conditions

What you can expect from DB Drone Services:

  • A fast, efficient and cost-effective service

  • High-resolution photography

  • CAD friendly 3D models

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